Our bathroom is going plastic free in 2021

I am forever feeling frustrated thinking about how hard it is to shop without adding to the global issues of plastic pollution and deforestation… so I decided to try and make a small difference this year, by going plastic free with all bathrooms products.
I have bought and received some lovely items since the new year and so I thought I would spread the word about these great brands and products! 
I have a few to cover, so I’m going to be brief about each but I’m happy to share further details about any of them if anyone is interested! 
First up.... SKIN CARE
If you love a self-care ritual this product is perfect... you mix your own mask using a powder and liquid so you can choose your own consistency which is great and is also a really satisfying process!
I have really dry skin in the winter, but it's also very sensitive and prone to breakouts, so I have to be really careful what I put on and this is ideal for me. It comes in a glass bottle, a metal tin and with a fun little wooden spoon for mixing.
A small bowl, wooden bowl and face masks tin on a pretty plate
I won’t lie, I find the science-y product names of Ordinary products a bit confusing, but it doesn’t seem to matter, as everything I buy from them is amazing. The primer is dreamy and I also use two of their serums. 
The bottle is glass and recyclable. 
Ordinary Skin Care Products
The bamboo face pad market is saturated, but these lovely pads are so soft and come with a canvas pouch to keep them in. 
You can use these pads with micellar water or coconut oil and wash them by hand or in the washing machine! Easy and so so soft :) 
These would also be perfect for babies. 
A glass bottle of detergent being poured out a big carton
On to HAIR CARE...
I haven’t used them yet, but the incredibly minimal packaging is so fun. They are 100% vegan and apparently are suitable for all hair types... fancy that! 
I have the Lavender and Geranium shampoo and the Tea Tree and Peppermint Conditioner. I will report back once I’ve cracked them open. 
Paper Planes soap, shampoo and conditioners stacked up
I love these soaps so much I gifted a whole bunch of them to my loved ones at Christmas. They have become a staple in our bathroom and I am slowly working my way through the whole selection. My favourite is Beach Bum which is a mix of Geranium, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood.
These soaps are also the most amazing shape and size for washing hands. It’s a strange thing to say, but once you’ve used one you’ll understand what I mean. Follow Jess on instagram to see sneak peeks at how she makes the soap!
Six bars of soap by Cabin and Cowshed with a soap stamp
Bouclé make the most amazing vegan candles. They smell great, they look great, and they have a thick wick which makes for ultra satisfying burning. 
They also introduced me to the smell in vetiver which has become a staple favourite now.
A hand uses a match to light a Boucle candle in a glass jar
These are just a few of my favourite products so far, but watch out for more updates throughout the year.


  • Forgot natracare ‘ safe to flush’ moist tissues, plastic-free and natural.

    Me again
  • Love this new section! Don’t think you should put anything you haven’t yet tried. Suggest readers send in recommendations – but you might drown in replies! I bought a few Christmas pressies from an eco-catalogue (forgotten the name just now), some were also organic and a few were fair trade (my personal priority), but some hand wash soap still in plastic bottles. Shampoo bars look like a good idea. Toilet paper ‘who gives a crap’ – made from recycled paper or bamboo, sold in bulk, half their profits go to providing sanitary facilities in needy parts of the world. May also have to consider price for some items. End of essay! Well done kiddo xx

    Great-auntie Mo

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