Watercolour painting of a sloth holding a sign saying 'it's cool to be green'

Our cards are designed to bring a smile to the face of every single animal lover out there, and in line with this ethos, we always aim to use materials that are the most caring to the planet and all it's inhabitants.

Here’s some of the steps we are taking towards being a responsible and caring company:

Our card stock and envelopes are supplied by an FSC accredited printer.

Our cards and envelopes are fully recyclable.

Orders made direct by customers are never sent in cellophane. We encourage our stockists to order our cards plastic free too. However when this is not possible, we charge an additional fee for each cellophane wrap used. This small fee helps us to always buy compostable cellophane, and is also, in part, added to our annual contribution to charity.

Our canvas products are all made using sustainable crop, and are fairtrade and organic. We don't use any plastic in the labelling of our products!

We aim for plastic free packaging for both our direct customers and stockists. If we are required to use bubble wrap, it is always compostable.

Protecting wildlife and the Earth is very important to us, so if you can think of any way we can improve on our current eco-friendly standard, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear your ideas!