Three years of lil wabbit x StreetVet

The Annual StreetVet Conference

For three consecutive years, we've had the privilege of receiving an invitation to the annual StreetVet conference. The dates, Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of October, were in our calendars months in advance for this special event and so we headed up to London with eagerness to see the StreetVet gang and hear about the incredible work that had taken place in 2023.


Spreading Joy through Christmas Cards at the Conference

We are absolutely delighted each year to bring our cherished Christmas cards to the conference, where we share them with the charities' dedicated sponsors, volunteers, and passionate ambassadors. It's a great time for everyone to indulge in Christmas cheer well before the festive rush and grab their cards. What made this year truly special was that some of the volunteers went a step further by sharing heartwarming feedback from the very owners of the dogs who feature on our cards. 

Unveiling a Festive Surprise

The Success of Our New Christmas Card Packs

While showcasing our new gold foil Christmas cards, we added an extra dash of excitement by unveiling our brand-new eight-card packs which went down so well with everyone who attended. I was hoping by the end of the conference we would know which pack was going to be more popular out of the two designs, but by Friday afternoon it became clear that they are both top-sellers with only one sale separating the two designs! 

Conference Highlight

The conference's standout moment was Dr. Sabrina Cohen-Hatton's inspirational talk. She shared her journey from homelessness to a successful career, with a unique promotional twist for her new podcast: branded poo bags – a stroke of GENIUS!!

Two Years of Supporting StreetVet Through Charity Sales

Over the last two Christmases we have raised StreetVet in access of £8,000 by donating them 50% of our profit on our charity range which includes greeting cards, Christmas tags and gift wrap. This money, as with all donations, is vital for the charity to continue doing their crucial work improving the lives of the people and pets experiencing homelessness in the UK. We hope 2023 will be another great year of fundraising for us and thank each customer for the part that they play! 

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