lil wabbit was founded in 2020 when, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I inherited my grandmothers vast collection of art supplies and began painting for the first time. Much to our surprise, my first ten animal illustrations, including a skating zebra and an exercising sloth, weren’t terrible… and out of these paintings lil wabbit was born. 

From then, we have pretty much used every life event to inspire us in what we create, including the birth of our nephew Oliver which led to the creation of 4 children's books... fingers crossed for the release of these in 2021!

It's amazing to be running a small business together and with the support of all our favourite people around us. We hope this year can be as successful as the last and we can continue to produce cards that bring smiles to people faces and help people stay connected. 

Cute baby wearing a light blue bear onesie lil wabbit monkey postcard on white table with watercolour paint set and brushes lil wabbit owner holding two small parcels wrapped in brown paper Presents wrapped in lil wabbit gift wrap featuring a selection of watercolour dog paintings with human accessories lil wabbit co-founders wearing blue caps at Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb lil wabbit Captain ringing a bell Westie (West Highland Terrier) in bath with wet hair, turquoise tiles in background Variety of lil wabbit products set up on card stand at online market stall lil wabbit co-founders posing for camera in red check shirt and black dress Black and white image of young couple of wedding day